29 May 2015

Feeling stupid? Congratulations! You are on the verge of something great.

Feeling stupid is vastly underrated.

I should clarify: stupid isn't a feeling. Stupid is a perjorative description of someone being dull, dimwitted, etc. The latin roots are the same that give us the English word stupor. Dazed. You can feel angry, sad, happy, but you can't feel stupid. "Seeing the sun go down over the mountains makes me feel: happy, sad, angry." Stupid? No. You attach feelings when you perceive a judgment of being stupid. Being called stupid. Stupid isn't a state of being, it is an opinion. Weaker still.

Since stupid is a state of being and not a feeling, to be conscious of being stupid is a great thing once you take the feelings out of it.  Being conscious of having an information deficit is one of the greatest gifts you can be given. Take the feelings out of it; they are mental state that you apply to someone else's opinion of you. Not needed.

Awareness of information or skill deficit is a great resource. Not knowing is being in the dark. Knowing is the biggest step in filling in the deficit, even though it may take a little while to be conscious enough to turn the feelings into something productive.

You can do it if you don't get freaked out and quit.

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