18 May 2015

Teaching Burst number 1

I'm talking to you...

CEO, college professor, single mom, truck driver, construction worker, Wal-mart greeter, artist, performer, painter...

We have a job to do together, which is to remind each other of the absolute necessity to create as often as we can. This is more than just creating things, this is creating moments of calm, humor, love, kindness. Creating a spot in this wilderness in which we wander, creating islands in time where the wind stops howling and where for a short time we inhabit a mini-Eden. 

Create small things, create large things, create the wrong things at the wrong time, create out of your brilliance, out of your brokenness, out of the broken pottery and cobwebs piled at the end of your most lonely corridor, out of the bright golden dream of victory that finally is yours. Create out of your love, out of your loss, out of all that you are. What you create is much less important than that you showed up and did your best. That will be enough and more than enough.

Keep going, lost or determined, just don't give up. Don't ever give up. Ever.

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