07 June 2015

Don't say no!

Haha! Don't say no, right?

Your conscious mind is awake, receives information, makes decisions, counts, catalogues, keeps the trains of your life on time, changes and re-arranges things. There are parts of your identity that are stored there also: the things you choose, the conclusions that you make. Awake, vigilant: the watcher and controller.

The other parts of your mind are the things that are pre-verbal, things that get shoved into the corners and fall off the edges, the books and letters that fall of the nightstand and end up on the floor. Sedimentary remnants of conversations that get forgotten. Pictures imprinted on your 3 year-old mind that somehow are there but aren't there. All the things you are but don't know you are. The ether part of you.

Your conscious mind is like the striated muscle tissue in your body: it is controlled at will, rests when you rest, is awake when you are awake. It does things, plans things, grabs things. Opens cans of worms, buries hatchets, carries grudges.

Your subconscious is like the smooth muscle tissue of your heart and digestive tract. Working all the time, a stranger in your body, but a very real part of you. It runs barefoot through the cold wet nighttime grass when your conscious mind, the scout-master, sleeps. It runs to make secret rendezvous with the contiguous ether of the universe: the other unconscious minds that are also out floating, flying, and soaring.

Conscious mind: facts. Subconscious mind: truth.

They do work together, however.  You imprint images on the subconscious mind all the time, and it is the subconscious mind that tells the real truth about who you are by operating in the field of formless substance that is the not-yet-created. This field is the field of genius where all things are possible. When you get your conscious mind and subconscious minds working together, the sky is the limit for what you are able to manifest. But to activate the subconscious mind in this way, your conscious mind needs to learn the language of yes, because the subconscious mind, in all its free capriciousness and complete innocence only knows yes.

It's not magic, not sorcery, not rocket science. Just the way to manifest that which you would love.

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